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Beverly Campbell

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Erma Bombeck

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I did it! I finished my quilt challenge top.

It is very bright but I really like it. I think I will enjoy quilting it. I'm going to experiment and see if I can't be more creative with the longarm. Should be fun!


Candace said...

Very pretty! Love the lively colors. Have fun quilting it! I can't do any quilty stuff for 2 more weeks. Then camp will officially be over.

Andrea said...

I like how the colors are all about the same brightness with the same size of pattern, but the individual colors still stand out.

Carrie said...

The quilt is much brighter in person. As I said, I don't think anyone will be able to sleep with that bright quit around! LOL! But I love it! Everything goes together so well. Great job Mom!

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Love it!

Carrie said...