Memorable Quotes

Though we can never leave life without experiencing some measure of loss, grief, and pain, misery is optional--as is happiness.

Beverly Campbell

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me."

Erma Bombeck

Monday, January 19, 2009 daughter has been harassing me. One post a week is not enough for her. I've been thinking about my next post for the last few days...trying to figure out how to say what I really mean. I guess I'll just give it a try.

Do things ever happen in your life and when you look back on them you realize that someone said something or did something that you really needed to hear or have help with? As I've been thinking about the last few months it occurred to me that one person kept popping up just when I needed her. I don't think Jodi has any idea how much she has been there for me when I needed someone just to be there. For those of you who are familiar with her blog, you know how talented she is. She is also fun to be with, and always encouraging. I have to give a big thank you to Jodi for just being there and making life a lot of fun. I must admit that when she came "shopping" for fabric last Wednesday I was jealous that she was upstairs with my daughter choosing fabrics while I was downstairs teaching piano. However, I'm sure I'll be able to get her over here again.....especially if Carrie is here, too!

Thanks, Jodi, just for being you!

I finished my special order diaper bag school, MLK Day.

I'm not sure I can sell it. I think it is just about the cutest one I've made.

I made one of the pockets big enough for diapers and added elastic bands to hold bottles. I think I got the elastic too low, though. Oh, well....that's what happens when you alter patterns for the first time. I also made two changing pad covers to go over the pad she already has. (Yes, those are more jeans in the bottom left corner. I still have two big boxes and two sacks of jeans to cut!)

Yesterday we went to the Mt. Hood Pops concert. One of our daughters plays the oboe in the orchestra. It was very enjoyable. However, the wind was howling. The concert was canceled earlier in the morning because of falling trees and branches but then they said it was OK so off we went. I really enjoy classical music! Enough rambling for now.