Memorable Quotes

Though we can never leave life without experiencing some measure of loss, grief, and pain, misery is optional--as is happiness.

Beverly Campbell

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything you gave me."

Erma Bombeck

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I made it through this last week! I was not looking forward to it. I was hitting the big 60 on Tuesday. This is the first time a birthday number has bothered me. Thanks to my friends....I made it!

Shirley called Monday night. She counseled with me and assured me that I would get over it. (She's already been there so her prior knowledge helped a great deal.) If I did end up having problems she said I could call her and she would walk me through it.

I was sure my friends at work would have my desk covered in black but, bless their hearts, I found balloons and a flag banner instead with lots of cards and gifts from special people. Tuesday is my big library class day and every class sang to me....loud and clear. You need to understand that our school has an open floor plan so all the classes heard every time Happy Birthday was sung.

That evening more people came. One of them was Jodi from Simply This That and the Other. She had some VERY exciting news and brought a beautiful gift. You'll need to keep checking her web site for her VERY exciting news.

I love my birthday present! Look at the detail and the wonderful label.

I wanted to put it on my coffee table but I didn't want Chloe to walk on it with her muddy feet.

"Who me? I wouldn't think of walking on it with my muddy feet. I would rather just sleep on it."

Chloe is also known as "Nasty Cat" for her uneven temperament. Getting older has helped her...some. She won't get the opportunity to even touch it because it is going on my mother-in-law's treadle sewing machine that is in my living room.

My husband bought a wonderful chocolate cake for me and Carrie and the grandkids came over. Mike and Levi were there, too, so I had a great party. Thanks, everyone for making it easier to be 60.

I was wandering around in blog land this morning and found a link to Green Fairy Quilts. She's having a giveaway! She has a great blog but make sure you visit her store, too. What great patterns. You need to go see them.

I think I just might survive being 60. Hopefully, I'll make it for another 60! Hmmm.....120..I don't think so!

Monday, January 26, 2009

She just won't leave me alone! She wants more posts. Well....let's see what I can come up with....

Her dad's birthday? No..she was there. Her sister baked the cake. That's his command car that he restored. She's ridden in it several times.

My t-shirt? Hmmm...she's seen it many times. I got this at Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego about seven or eight years ago. I got one for my friends, too. We get great reactions from people when we wear them to Fabric Depot.

I still think she wants to see or read something else. I'll have to ponder on this one.

If you haven't been there lately go visit Jodi at Simply This, That, and the Other. She has a fantastic blog with so many great ideas. She also turned me from No Blogger Sheri to someone who actually has a blog. That is a great least for me.

OK...have I meandered around enough to make her happy?