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Beverly Campbell

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Erma Bombeck

Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Wednesdays, after school, I teach some of my grandkids piano. Four of them to be exact with the fifth thinking he is having a lesson. He can now find middle C almost every time. (He's only four...smartest four-year-old around!) I thought I would share some photos of them. I"m not a proud grandma or anything like that. I must say...things are never calm when they are here. When all thirteen are here...well... you get the idea.

#5 didn't want his picture taken. He thought a Barbie chair would do the trick.

"Aw, Grandma. Just give it up, would ya?"

"Bop it!" (He has a speech problem.)

This is the best he could do. What a doll!

#4 gives me a hug everyday at school. It is so much fun to be with her.

#3 is also at my school but she's one of the upstairs kids so I don't get to see her as much.

#2 just turned twelve. She is at the middle school now.

Celebrating a Birthday

"Uh, Mom. My caramel just exploded."

Now we get to #1. This is just to prove that we do have piano lessons...along with a lot of fun.

#1 is a teenager. Need I say more?

He is also an awesome piano player.....but still a teenager.

Thanks for looking at my pictures. I promise not to show more grandkid pictures until I take some more. I'm thinking my next post will have a quilt picture in it. I'm almost done with our charity quilt.


Pat said...

What a fun time you must have with that crew!!! I cannot imagine having 13 of them at once in the house, though.

Candace said...

When all 13 are there we the parents make sure to keep our shoes on so we don't step on sharp little barbie stuff/legos/other small toys that would hurt our toesies. :) It's fun watching all the cousins play and have a nice time.

Simply This and That said...

Cute kids I do say! ;o) ooxx`jod

Carrie said...

WOW! Those are the dang cutest kids I have ever in my life seen! HEEHEE! You're such an awesome Gramma for teaching them. You're leaving a legacy. Thanks Mom!

Andrea said...

You do have the cutest grandkids around, and I'm not biased or anything. ;-)