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Beverly Campbell

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Erma Bombeck

Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Saturday our son, Russell, who lives in Tillamook, called and asked if they could come visit for a couple of days. You bet! I love seeing my kids and grandkids. They arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning.....not long enough for me but they needed to get back home. They came in their new to them. It's color is black pearl so we call it the pirate ship.

This is actually a picture of them loading up to go home but it's the only one I got of the van.

Here are their four boys. Candace is definitely outnumbered but she is still in charge! Candace is a great mom. The boys won't really appreciate her until they are married and find out that most women can't cook as good as she does. They might not appreciate homemade bread now but they will when it is no longer available.

Being the mean grandma that I am I made them clean the toy closet before they went home.

Here they are. The youngest was just a few months old when Russ went to Iraq. It was a tough time for them but he came back safe and sound. #3 will be eight years old on April 12. We are going to Tillamook for church and then he will be baptized.

See you soon, guys! Miss ya!


Pat said...

I'm glad you had such a nice visit and it's nice to see a mother-in-law who truly loves and appreciates her daughter-in-law!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...


Lula O said...

Look at Russell! Holy cow he looks as old as me! (Probably because he is...good grief.) His boys looks alot like how I remember him as a kid. How time flies. Thanks for the post.

Candace said...

We had a great time and wish the time could have been longer too.:( My eye test went much better this time around. Except things were fuzzy for about 5 hours afterwards. See you in a couple weeke!

Carrie said...

Wish it could've been a longer visit!

Andrea said...

I miss you grandma!/grandpa! p.s.this is Amy not Andrea

Kelly said...

Those boys are sure grown up and gettng so tall. Glad they come for a couple days. This must be the year for turning 8, seems to be a lot of them.